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This Meccan chapter has one section, nine verses, thirty words and one hundred thirty letters.
The pagans of Arab used various methods of teasing and annoying the Prophet. Some rebuked and threw rubbish over him openly, some other used secret methods of levelling unfounded charges and putting blames against him. For this libelous and slanderous charges this chapter was revealed. Those who are committing these heinous crimes are themselves culprits. They are only busy in worldly affairs of accumulating and counting wealth. They are worshiper of wealth, niggardly and devoid of wisdom and thinking. They conceived that they would not face death, though they knew the end of past people who were more stronger and wealthier than them.

Even any sign of them is not traceable. The end of such imprudent persons has been too mentioned in the chapter, so that no one should remain in delusion.

SURAH AL-HUMAZAH (The Slanderer)
Revealed at Mecca, 1 Section, 9 Verses.

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

1. Woe is to a slanderer backbiter.

2. Who gathered wealth and kept it counted.

3. Does he think that his wealth will make him immortal?

4. Never, he shall be surely thrown into the crusher.

5. And what made you known what is the crusher?

6. Allah's fire that is blazing.

7. One which shall rise over the hearts.

8. Undoubtedly, it will be closer in on them.

9. In long columns

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